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Why Clean your Carpets with us?

How Clean Are Your Carpets Really?

Our carpet cleaning services for the Florence, KY, area will take your carpets from gross to glamorous. Even if your carpets are in good condition and appear clean, you’d be surprised how much dirt and dust could be lurking between the fibers.

The average person sheds about 1 million skin cells every day. And where do you think those dead skin cells end up? If you guessed your carpets, you guessed right. Researchers estimate that over the course of one year, your carpets  collect as much as 40 pounds of dirt.

Regular vacuuming helps to remove dirt from the top layer of your carpets, but it won’t do anything about the base layers. In addition, human and pet hair are notoriously difficult for most traditional vacuums to pick up.

How Do Carpet Cleaning Services Benefit You?

But don’t fret, because we have a solution for you. Our professional cleaners have the high-end products and equipment necessary to extract dust, dander, and pollen from every layer of your carpets. As a result, you and your household or employees will reap the following benefits:

  • Cleaner indoor air
  • Reduced allergy symptoms
  • Improved asthma management
  • Reduced risk of contracting the stomach flu and other illnesses

In addition to these benefits, carpet cleaning can also help you treat pest infestations. A steam cleaning will kill bed bugs, dust mites, and fleas. Can your vacuum do that?

Get Cleaner, Healthier Carpets Today

If it’s been over a year since your last carpet cleaning, don’t wait any longer. Keep your home or office healthier by scheduling a carpet cleaning service today. Here at Jolly Carpet Cleaning, we serve the entire Northern Kentucky area, including cities like Cold Spring, KY; Florence, KY; and Alexandria, KY.

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Our Cincinnati Carpet Cleaning Service is Simply the Best

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Our carpet cleaning services will take your carpets from gross to glamorous. Even if your carpets are in good condition and appear clean, you’d be surprised how much dirt and dust could be lurking between the fibers.

Our team is highly experienced with caring for all kinds of fabric and stains, so we can find the best solution for your situation. Whether the material calls for a water-based product, dry-cleaning solvent, or isn’t compatible with either, we can handle it.

Life isn’t always like a Swiffer commercial. When the kids come in from practice they step all over that area rug, not just the hardwood. Eventually, the take home products don’t cut it. We have the system down to take care of those rubbed in stains. Then for your next house party you don’t have to dim the lights in the hallways to hide it.

With decades of experience in the cleaning industry, we’re the professionals you can trust to make your floors shine. Let us save you the time and effort of doing the job yourself. We use professional-grade cleaning solutions that are far more effective than the cleaners you could buy at your local supermarket.

You breath a lot, like all the time, Google it, we promise you do. All joking aside, air quality matters. Overtime at either at your home or place of work dirt and other things you don’t want to breathe in can pile up and come out of your vents. Cleaning them will not only improve the air but help your system run smoother and longer. Take a breath, then call us.

When your home or business suffers water, flood, fire or smoke damage, every minute counts. Northern Kentucky & Greater Cincinnati trusts the professionals at Jolly Property Rescue to get the job done right the first time.

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