The Real Cost of Mold: How To Budget for Professional Mold Remediation

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Mold Removal

In Cincinnati, your home will be susceptible to moisture. Moisture causes mold growth that can dent not just your health and safety but your home’s value as well. Luckily, you can address the problem with mold remediation from a reputable mold restoration company. 

At Jolly Cleaning and Restoration, we serve homeowners and businesses in the Greater Cincinnati and Tri-State Area with our mold remediation services. 

Our mold remediation service eliminates widespread mold growths, wherever they may be. Our team removes molds from various places in your home. By eliminating molds on a massive scale, our service can restore your home’s aesthetics, structural integrity, and value. 

Of course, as with any service, mold remediation is something you ought to budget for. How much should you set aside? We’ll answer this question and more. Learn more about mold remediation costs in Cincinnati. With the insights you’ll find in this article, you’ll also be more informed as you budget for mold remediation services.

Understanding the Cost Factors of Mold Remediation

When we calculate the cost for mold remediation, we consider several factors. This is why we take on remediation projects only after we’ve checked your property for the extent of mold growth. 

Here are the cost factors we take into consideration when we crunch the numbers for our remediation services. 

Extent and Severity of Mold Infestation

Simple mold remediation will cost little. In fact, you can do this yourself and clean molds from any area less than three square feet. 

However, for more extensive mold infestation, the difficulty of a remediation project increases. This is especially the case if the infestation takes place in hard-to-reach places like behind your drywall or stucco. 

When the mold growths are difficult to clear and locate, you can expect the mold remediation cost to go up. 

Mold Testing

After locating mold, it’s essential to know what kind of mold our team is dealing with. This is because some types of mold are toxic while others are not. 

Of course, testing requires resources like reagents. These resources and the manpower required for testing will both add to the total cost of mold remediation. 

Because of how much mold testing can cost, you need to ensure that you are dealing with a company that delivers accurate results. That is where we come in. We conduct thorough mold assessments and evaluations. Once we test your property for mold, we accurately identify it. From here, we include all of our findings in a detailed report we give to you. It will contain data on the kind of mold in your home, other types of mold present, and an upfront estimate of our service.

Budgeting For Mold Restoration Based on Several Factors

Budgeting comes down to establishing the presence of cost factors. Expect the following costs to add to the total mold remediation cost for your home. 

Costs Based on Testing

Mold testing is one example of a service that can require certain costs. Because it’s an essential part of any mold remediation project, it is bound to show up on your service estimate. 

Costs Based on the Severity of Mold Infestation

Another factor that can determine the total mold remediation cost is the extent of the mold infestation. The severity of the infestation may be too much for a small team to handle. For this reason, an extensive mold cleanup will require more people and resources. 

Air Quality Testing

If the mold has spread to critical parts of your home like your supports and the attic, your home’s air quality can deteriorate, so we include air quality monitoring as part of our assessment process.

Costs for Repairs 

After remediation, the team may also have to repair damaged parts of your home. Added repairs and the other factors mentioned will play into how much you have to pay for mold remediation. Whatever the case may be, we can provide an accurate quote that is specific to your home’s mold situation. 

The Benefits of Professional Mold Remediation Services

Removing mold by yourself can be both time-consuming and risky. Locating mold is, by itself, a challenging task that’s best left to the professionals. Also, removing mold before knowing what it is may place you at risk of inhaling toxic spores. 

However, with our professional mold remediation, you don’t have to risk your home and health. Instead, you can look forward to thorough and meticulous mold removal services. 

Our remediation covers a vast array of services, from mold containment to pressure cleaning. Our preventive measures will also ensure that your home stays mold-free for the long term. 

Our team boasts years of experience in mold remediation. Our quality services have won over the trust of many homeowners and business owners in Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area. 

Contact us for mold remediation that rids your home of molds and mold-related damage.    

The Importance of Timely Mold Restoration

Mold grows and spreads uncontrollably when you fail to address it immediately. Neglected mold infestations can rot your home’s drywall and place your family’s health at risk. 

You can prevent all this from happening by contacting us for remediation. Here’s why doing this as soon as possible is critical to getting rid of mold in your home. 


Dealing with mold early on is an effective strategy for lowering costs. When you contact us, we can nip your mold problem in the bud and protect you from more expensive removals. Also, we quickly respond by scheduling an inspection the very next day after you call. 

Quick Protection From Health Risks

Mold exposure can cause your family to develop allergic reactions and lung irritations. With our quality mold remediation, your home’s air quality will improve, and your family’s health will remain protected. 

Quick, Quality, and Affordable Mold Remediation by Jolly Cleaning and Restoration

The cost of mold remediation for your home will depend on several factors. No matter what the factors are, we are here to rid your home of mold once and for all. 

We are here to provide quality, quick, and affordable mold remediation services that restore your home’s beauty, integrity, and air quality. Backed by years of experience and cleaning expertise, we’re committed to restoring your home to its mold-free condition. 

Don’t let mold ruin your home and threaten your family’s health and safety. Contact us now for a thorough mold assessment. Also, reach out to get a free upfront and accurate cost evaluation for your mold remediation project.

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