Mold Remediation

Mold growing in your home can have harmful effects on you and your family. It’s important that once you see the signs to contact Jolly Cleaning and Restoration, so we can help fix this right away. 

How can Jolly Cleaning and Restoration help you?

Mold Testing

The initial step is assess and test whether mold is present. Mold has the ability to spread fast, so once we have the test results, we must act right away.

How do I know if mold is present in my home?

A musty, earthy smell, condensation on the walls or ceilings, or heightened allergy symptoms.

Plan of Action

If mold is found, we can decide how we want to get rid of it.

How do you get rid of Mold?
  • Find the source causing mold
  • Work your way out and clean it
  • Depending on the extent of damage, tear out the walls

Mold Remediation

Once we have developed a plan of action, Jolly Cleaning and Restoration goes to work. We are trained mold removal specialists that know what it takes to get rid of the most harmful signs of mold.

Can you really get rid of all the mold?

Well… no. Mold is everywhere. It can enter your home through your window, door, A/C vents, pets, and even clothing. Moisture build-up on the walls or ceilings promotes the growth of mold. The best way to keep mold away is to identify any water sources prevent leakage from there.

Mold Preventative

After we have destroyed the root of the mold. Jolly Cleaning and Restoration doesn’t want you to have this problem again.

How can I continue to prevent mold growth?
  • Repair leaks immediately
  • Remove water damaged materials
  • Check areas that have water in your home once a month