Why Values are so Important in the Water Damage Restoration Business

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Water Damage

It’s the things we never plan for, the things we don’t think that will ever happen to us that we try to avoid. Things like water/flood damage or fire damage inside of our home or rental property. Ignoring them can look like a couple different ways. From not really knowing your insurance policy to not having a trusted company that you know you could call if one of those things happens. Because so many people (and understandably so) ignore these things, it opens up opportunities for companies to take advantage of you. 

It’s 3 AM, you wake up to what sounds like a waterfall in your basement and you find that a pipe has busted and you’ve got all kinds of water damage. You hopefully know where your shut off is (link to another blog about this) and then you may call a plumber. You might trust your plumber and they might have a name of a good water cleanup company. Did you catch that? There were a lot of “hopefuls” and “mights” in there. Not exactly the words you want to hear when you are talking about restorations services that could cost up to $20,000. Those “mights” and “hopefuls” become anxieties and fears they can be preyed upon when it comes time to assess the damage. 

Water damage is an expensive endeavor and with so much uncertainty, it’s easy to tack on a charge here or maybe they say you need to go with this bigger option if you really want to be safe. Remember, your basement is a mess, you didn’t get a lot of good sleep and you just want this nightmare to be over and you have no reason not to trust them right? Well, not always. 

This is why we thought it was so important to start a water, fire and mold restoration company. For many years, our plumbing division found it difficult to find a company that truly put the customers’ needs ahead of their own. The reputation of this entire business is that it is “shady” characters out there just trying to make as much money as possible because they know people are in a tight spot. We wanted someone that treated their damage issue exactly how they would treat it if it happened to them. We knew there was a way to be fair, get the job done right without taking advantage of anyone’s lack of knowledge. Enter in Jolly Cleaning and Restoration.Those initial conversations when we first started talking about a water cleanup company were all about how we could become a game changer in the industry. 

What does that look like? It looks like us walking into your situation and seeing the damage, not the dollars. Treating you like you just went through a disaster, not taking advantage of that fact, but empathizing and giving you the time and space you need to make those decisions. It’s walking you through all the options, even the ones that we make less money on, because it’s the right thing to do. 

It’s 3 AM, you wake up what sounds like a waterfall in your basement, now you know who to call. We’re out there the next day walking you through your options with your insurance company and coming up with a fair plan to get you back to normal. Those are the stories we want. 

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