9 Signs of Water Damage Every Homeowner Needs to Know

by | May 10, 2021 | Flood Damage, Restoration, Water Damage

Pipes leaking? Noticeable water everywhere? When signs of water damage start, a homeowner needs to be aware.

Water damage can be stressful to deal with. When it goes unnoticed it becomes more and more worrisome.

If your property is affected by water damage it’s critical to get it handled fast. However, sometimes water damage slips under the radar. There are a few helpful signs to help you diagnose the issue early.

Here are nine signs of water damage every homeowner needs to know.

1. Odor Shows Signs of Water Damage

Damp laundry has a specific smell. Whether you left it out in the rain or overnight in the washer, a moldy stench/musk infiltrates your nostrils.

That stench is one of the main water damage signs. The odor stems from the settling of moisture after some time. If it sits for any longer the result is mold.

Basements are one of the key spots of this type of situation. The humidity and presence of water in a basement create the perfect spot for a breeding ground of bacteria and smells.

2. Standing Water

It could be coming from your washing machine, refrigerator, or another appliance.

Leaks happen, but catching them early is important in stopping the signs of water damage. Damage to any of the pipes connecting to these appliances can result in standing water.

If it isn’t at the connection of the pipe to the appliance, there could be an issue in your crawl space where the pipes are running. Make sure you’re checking the entirety of the home.

3. Expensive Water Bill

When there’s water damage or a leak your water bill will reflect it.

Make sure you’re comparing previous bills if you’re suspecting a leak. There will be a telling sign of a problem in cost fluctuations.

The severity of your situation could result in hundreds of dollars in unwarranted costs. Replace the necessary pipes and appliances to save yourself some money in the long run.

4. Mold and Mildew

As mentioned above, standing water will result in mold and mildew.

Not only does it look awful in the home, but it can also cause upper respiratory issues and activate your allergies. When it expedites, black mold can develop which is more dangerous than your everyday mold.

If there is mold present in your home, make sure you’re dealing with it the right way. Contact a professional to handle unchecked pipes, lack of insulation, and other issues that cause the spreading of mold.

5. Sagging Ceilings

The basement isn’t the only place where signs of water damage occur.

Sagging ceilings can be caused by a leaky roof or pipe. This usually comes with even more evident problems like discoloration.

Your sagging ceiling is dangerous. If it worsens, a sagging ceiling can result in a collapse.

6. Plumbing Noises

The plumbing in your home should be silent like a mouse. When in proper working condition, plumbing shouldn’t rattle or creak.

If you’re noticing these issues in your home, there’s a problem. Most often, plumbing noises are a vibration or rattling. This is usually the result of a loose fitting, or loose mount in the lines.

When your pipes are rattling there could be a leak in the walls themselves.

In even more extreme situations, you may have running water even when all sources are turned off. This can also sound like hissing. Get to the bottom of the early water damage signs while you can.

7. Cracked Flooring

Cracks in your tile, wood flooring, or laminate are the result of water damage.

When water seeps into your floors, the splitting or cracking of the material will occur. This is an easy sign to notice, but most homeowners won’t put two and two together if there’s no water present.

Make sure you’re doing routine checks of your home in preparation for a potential issue. One of the most important parts of homeownership is your ability to stay on top of the potential hazards in your home.

8. Wallpaper Blemishes

Water leaks in your walls or from your roof will result in the peeling or blistering of your paint. If it’s gotten to this point, the leak has been there for some time and it’s further along than you’d like.

Drywall and wood are absorbers of moisture. This means the structure of the wall itself and underneath has been jeopardized. In most cases, you’ll have to completely restructure that part of your wall.

9. Water Pressure Dips

You’ve enjoyed your shower week in and week out. The perfect water pressure and then, out of nowhere, it changed.

If there’s a leak in your home there will be an effect on your water pressure. This pressure alteration is common in homes without a leak when other water fixtures are being used. A leak would result in a water pressure change without another fixture in use.

Less water running through your pipes is an issue. It can make showers last longer, washing dishes taxing, and other unfortunate circumstances.

Trusted Solutions

Noticing the signs of water damage early can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

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