How to Get Old Stains Out of Carpet

by | May 10, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning, Restoration

Do you remember the day you got your carpet? Unfortunately, no matter how careful you and your family were, you probably ended up saying: “Houston, we have a problem.” Then you quickly grabbed a rag and wiped down the stain. A rookie mistake.

After making the mistake of wiping a stain off the carpet, the stain made itself comfy and decided to stay. Fast forward a few years, the stain remains and most likely with more friends (stains). Don’t worry, today we will discuss how to get old stains out of carpet and return your carpet to its former glory.

How To Get Old Stains Out Of Carpet

Since you are a rookie carpet cleaner we are going to introduce a more effective form of cleaning. It is the technique of blotting up, which means pressing softly on the affected surface. As you have seen firsthand, wiping makes the stain worse so blotting the stain up is the only way to go.

So next time you spill your favorite chili on the carpet of your office, remember to blot up and not to wipe down (or try to scoop the chili). Of course, this is most effective the moment it happens, not 5 years later.

Before we start, make sure to use gloves. Even though we will not be using abrasive chemicals it is always better to keep our hands safe from germs.

So now let us go over common stains and a few things we can do to remove them.

Coffee Stains

Nothing is worse than spilling your favorite cup of joe, even more spilling it on your carpet. Is there a way to remove the stain if it’s already settled?

Of course! All you need are the following ingredients. A tablespoon of both dishwashing soap and white vinegar as well as two cups of warm water.

Once you have these three ingredients, it is time time to mix them. Apply a little bit of the concoction onto a clean cloth, and then apply pressure on the stain. Repeat this several times, while reapplying the mix.

Once you see the stain begin to fade away into oblivion, apply some water, and then blot dry. Make sure to use a different cloth when dry blotting!

Red Wine

Did your special date night end up with a red wine stain on your carpet? Don’t worry, we won’t ask if that was a good or bad thing. We are here to help you get rid of the stain, so what do you need to do?

Since it is an old stain you must apply some water to the affected area. The purpose is to dilute the red wine stain, so you can blot the stain up with a dry cloth. Do this several times, until you see the red stain lose intensity.

While it is still wet we must apply some dry ingredients, we can either use baking soda or salt. If you use salt, make sure you put enough that only staring at it makes your blood pressures go up. Let the dry ingredients sit overnight so it can fully soak up the remaining liquid.

Then you can vacuum the dry ingredients, now we are ready for the special mixture we previously spoke about. Which is a mixture of liquid dish soap, white vinegar, and water. Apply a bit onto a clean cloth and apply it onto the stain. Finally, add some water to the stain and dry blot it.

Pet Stains

Your furry little friend can sometimes leave an accident on your carpet. No matter the type of accident, whether it’s browner or yellower, we must make sure the stain is dealt with thoroughly. Don’t worry if the stain is old, we will follow a similar method like that of the wine stain.

First, we must moisten the stain with some warm water. Keep in mind, that some odor will be released while doing this. After moistening the area, get some paper towels and begin to dry blot the area. Repeat all of the steps two to three times.

Now we must try to neutralize the odor, we can accomplish this by using 1/4 cup of vinegar with a quart of warm water. Then we apply this mix onto the area where the stain is, n afterward blot up the mix with paper towels.

Once we dealt with the odor, we can make another mix to deal with the stain itself. We mix a quart of water laundry detergent in a spray bottle. Spray the affected area, rinse it with warm water, and reapply.

To finish, simply dry blot the wet areas. Make sure not to leave any laundry detergent residue on the carpet.

When the Stains Refuse to Go Away: What to Do

Now you know how to get old stains out of carpet yet the stain keeps mocking you. If that is the case, it is time to let the professionals take care of those stains. Not only do they know what to do, but they can also do it efficiently and without breaking a sweat.

There are many other reasons why hiring carpet cleaning services can be beneficial. To name a few:

  • They can remove any stain from your carpet since they use special equipment and cleaning solutions.
  • Professional cleanings services are able to eliminate pollutants that are harmful to you and those who come into contact with the carpet.
  • Remove pesky dust mites, you don’t see them but they see you. They leave behind feces, which are allergens that can irritate those who breathe them in.
  • With the right tools, they are able to remove dirt and bacteria. They are able to clean deep into the roots of your carpets.

We Are The Professionals You Need

There is nothing wrong with removing old stains from your carpet yourself. After all, it’s gratifying to finally remove a stain you may have caused yourself. But sometimes you need the big guns to successfully remove stains, and sometimes your carpet deserves some extra love.

We have the big guns, we have the knowledge, and we have the desire to professionally clean your carpet. What are you waiting for then? Contact us today!

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